S I T E    I N F O

1.    Welcome to An IP homeunix manga server system. Here, you can access all manga files by paying nothing to us. We host these mangas because we are manga lovers like you.

2.    As you know, this is a private server, and might be shut down at anytime and we will notice you nothing. If you can't get in here, please come for another time. The server is probably busy or offline.

3.    If your downloaded files are corrupted ,there is no other way than redownload it again from our server. This server is located in Asia and leechers from America or Europe's transfer rate will become slower than leechers from Asia.To prevent errors during transfer process, we've splitted some large files into smaller files but you need to download them all in order to open and run those files.

3.    We host these manga only for fun and we will stop hosting if we do not enjoy this work. You do not have to donate or throwing your bucks here because we do not deserve that. If you still want to donate, please donate to manga scanlation groups because all mangas here are taken from their crafty works. If you still want to support our finance, you can pay us by putting your advertisment here. This will not break the rules as a manga lover. 

4.    After finishing your download, drop yourselves frequently in manga scanlation groups website and say your gratitude there.

5.    If you have some manga to share, you are very very welcomed here. Feel free to upload mangas here and if you do not how to upload, please read upload rules below.

U P L O A D    R U L E S

1.    Choose a directory (manga series) to upload to.Your file will be uploaded into the directory that you have selected. Do not upload to the main directory (main page) because this will make list looks messy. You are only allowed to upload files in " rar,zip,cbr,cbz " . Other kinds of files will be deleted by us.

2.    Please do not upload other than manga files because your files will be deleted immediately.We do not host any hentai mangas, so please respect our policy by not uploading them here.

3.    If you want to upload a new series of manga that we do not host them yet,please upload all chapter of that series.We will definitely appreciate your work.

4.    As this server only host  manga files,so the max filesize is limited to 50MB.

5.    To prevent files of being corrupted during the transfer process,it is better for you to reduce the file size or split it into some smaller pieces.

6.    Your filename will probably be renamed by our team's moderator to make filelist looks nicer.

7.    At last, thank you for sharing your manga here. Enjoy!!.